About us

The Monroe County Bar Association, originally formed as the Rochester Bar Association, was organized in 1892. What started with just 25 members, has grown to 2,000 law professionals in Monroe County, committed to improving the quality and accessibility of justice; promoting respect for and understanding of the law; enhancing professional growth, fulfillment, excellence, collegiality and diversity among its members; and serving as the voice of the law profession. The MCBA is actively involved with both the New York State Bar and the American Bar Association and is considered one of the premier local bar associations in the country.

Throughout its 120th year existence, the Monroe County Bar has earned statewide and national recognition as an innovative leader among local voluntary bars. The MCBA's success in uniting the Association and all Rochester area legal services providers under a single roof in the Telesca Center for Justice in downtown Rochester is an example of our transforming a vision into reality.

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